Das Werkverzeichnis beinhaltet 12 Werke für Orchester geschrieben in 7 Ländern.


Opus 3

First Symphony for full orchestra

Aug. 1956

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Opus 10

International  Overture for full orchestra

Oct. 1954

Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Opus 12

Concerto Grosso For two solo violins, two solo violas, two solo celli, clavichord (harpsichord) and string orchestra

May 1963

Rome, Italy

Opus 14

Two Impressions (Due Impressions) for large orchestra


Rome, Italy

Opus 21

Prelude Interlude and Fugue for string orchestra

Dec. 1966

Rome, Italy

Opus 28

A: Incidental Music for Egyptian Film “Land of Hypocrisy” for full orchestra
B: Waltz and Tango (for Egyptian Film) for piano solo (arranged by Gordon Sherwood)

Jun. 1968

Cairo, Egypt

Opus 38

Classical Symphony in C Major (second Symphony) for orchestra

Jun. 1970

Beirut, Lebanon

Opus 55

Military March for Mohamed for concert band

Oct. 1975

Nairobi, Kenia

Opus 57

Five Canonic Variations on Hoagy Carmichael´s Stardust for small orchestra

Jul. 1976

Nairobi, Kenya

Opus 74

Fantasy for flute, string orchestra, celeste and harp
Based on a dissonant pentachord from Johann Strauß´s Blue Danube Waltz

Aug. 1986

Paris, France

Opus 101

Sinfonietta for small orchestra

Jun. 1996

San Jose, Costa Rica


Blues Symphony: Symphony No. 3 for Large Orchestra, six Saxophones




 „Vorher war ich in Europa, da hat die orientalische Musik mich begeistert. Aber plötzlich war ich im Libanon, Mittel-Osten und habe mich plötzlich für Jazz und Blues begeistert.“

(Gordon Sherwood) 


Gordon Sherwood - Mit Stimmgabel auf Reise durch die Welt